Our goal is to provide a program for the "whole" child and to develop each student socially, academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Ark Christian Preschool is a private, Christian preschool dedicated to the purpose of providing a loving, caring, and nurturing environment. We realize that each child is a unique and special creation of God, with their own unique gifts, talents, and abilities. Our goal is to first provide a programs for the "whole" child and to strengthen each child academically, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. We have been established to serve you and meet your childcare needs. Here are some our goals for each child enrolled in our preschool:


ACADEMIC: That your child may develop their intellect and talents to expand their awareness of God's creation and His Word. That they may develop skills to function creatively and competently as a positive member of their community. We will instill both positive communication skills and academic enrichment.


PHYSICAL: That your child may appreciate, nurture, develop, and discipline his/her body as the Temple of God, and that they will develop confidence in their physical capabilities.


SOCIAL: That your child may develop a realistic understanding of themselves and others. We encourage our children to become increasingly unselfish, honest, and cooperative in relating to those around them. We will help each child to build a positive about themselves, adults, and other children.


EMOTIONAL: That you child may develop a positive image as a member of the family, community, and part of God's plan. We will encourage initiative, responsibility, independence, adaptability, and cooperation in the classroom.


Staff and Curriculum

The Ark Christian Preschool staff includes a state-licensed director, trained, certified, experienced teachers, and teacher's aides who are dedicated to work with preschool children. The preschool curriculum is designed to develop a positive self image through well-planned and balanced Early Childhood education. The curriculum includes language development, music appreciation, science exploration, and simple Bible lessons. Our curriculum includes: reading readiness, perceptual development, fine and gross motor control development, Bible stories, art, science exploration, cooking, health and social studies, music, Chinese language/ethnic studies, and group participation.



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